Dead Again?! 3 Reasons Your Cellphone Is Not Holding a Charge

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Dead Again?! 3 Reasons Your Cellphone Is Not Holding a Charge

13 May 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog

When you first get your new smartphone, you are probably well pleased with just how long you can go before you have to plug the thing into the charger. The battery in your new cellphone is fresh and probably holds charge really well. However, if your phone has been around for a while, your cellphone can start to feel like a landline because you are always having to be connected to a wire just to stay charged. If this problem sounds all too familiar to you, you are probably quite ready for a solution. Check out these common reasons cellphones do not hold charge as they should. 

Your cellphone battery simply needs to be replaced. 

Did you know that pretty much every cellphone battery actually has a limited number of charging cycles it is capable of going through before it will no longer hold charge? Even though most consumers know this about other battery types, they never relate this fact to the battery inside of their cell phone. If your phone is an older model, and it has been used and recharged quite a bit, a battery that has to be charged all the time could be fixed simply by investing in a replacement battery. Look for the model number of the battery on the battery itself or find it in the manual that came with your phone and order a replacement. 

Your cell charger is not properly functioning. 

Just about everyone has been there at some point: you leave your phone on the charger all night and wake up to find it is still barely at a few percent. While you may be quick to blame this kind of problem on a faulty phone, the problem most often lies in the cell phone charger you are using to charge the phone. If there are no visible signs that the charger is damaged, try swapping it for another and see if your battery takes charge. 

Your cell phone has a damaged charging port. 

Think about how many times a day you plug your phone in for a recharge or connect it to a computer as a media device. The charging port of the average cellphone is highly resilient, but inside there are tiny metal connector pieces that can break. If you are positive the charger you are using is working and the phone still does not accept charge at all, it very well could mean that your charging port inside of your phone needs to be replaced by a company like Quick Fix Smartphone & Tablet Repair.