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Anyone can install a few computers at work, but unless you know how to harness the power of word processing programs, graphic design suites, and full-color printing, those computers might not do much for your company. However, if you understand the benefits of technology, you might be able to make that computer an integral part of your success. On my blog, you will learn more about computers, so that you can keep your business rolling with exciting sign work, interesting displays, and state of the art websites. Also, I have a goal to help business owners troubleshoot their systems. Read on to learn more about how computers can help your business.


Tips For Building Owners Addressing Indoor Public Safety Coverage

23 August 2021
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Emergency situations can happen around buildings, and when they do, effective communication is paramount between first responders and other parties involved. All building owners are required to ensure their indoor public safety coverage meets certain standards. If you need help with this, consider the following tips: Invest in Two-Way Portable Radios During an emergency situation, like a fire or weather event that causes hazards for those inside a building, quick and effective communication is required. Read More …