Old History Books And Modern UI/UX Design Can Fuse Together Nicely

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Old History Books And Modern UI/UX Design Can Fuse Together Nicely

5 May 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog

"User interface" may seem like a nebulous term for someone in the business of selling used and rare books. Perhaps "nebulous" is actually a great term since it is a highly-literate way of describing something ill-defined. Ill-defined is a terrible description for any landing page that is designed to hook viewers. Sellers of rare history books might not think there is much creativity available to weave into website and mobile resources for old, out-of-print works. In reality, solid UI/UX design services can work wonders for hooking a prospective buyer and drawing him/her in.

No Turns Towards the Boring

Basic text and simple graphics revealing the platform seeks to sell rare books about ancient civilizations and the disciplines of archeology and anthropology are functional, but only functional. A buyer who positively needs to acquire a certain book might not care about the uniqueness of the graphics, but persons take pleasure in reading such works might require a little prodding. Pleasure-buyers often have a lot of choices in mind. A nicely designed landing page on a digital platform could greatly assist the motivating of a sale.

Here are two unique items that can be added to a landing page:

The Great Professor

The classic image of the stodgy professor might seem a bit dated, but weaving this persona into the first imagery visible in a user interface could yield excellent results. Perhaps crafting an image of a 1930's style explorer reading an aged text at the kitchen table could catch people's eyes. Some may even imagine themselves as being this strange character exploring adventures through the pages of an old tome.

The Ancient and Modern Kitchen

The great professor might find his/her kitchen is something very unique. In addition to a refrigerator and stove in the background, perhaps the walls could contain hieroglyphics and even a mummy's tomb! All of this may seem silly and over-the-top, but such an approach may help set a particular landing page apart from others.

Working with Design Services

A professional UI/UX design company hosts professionals capable of creating the right look for a digital landing page. The aforementioned humorous examples may not be appropriate for all sellers, but skilled designers are sure to come up with a concept that works for a particular client. Ultimately, quality design gets across the necessary marketing impact that moves potential buyers and helps the seller appear to be someone special. Even the very niche market of selling rare history books could reach far more customers than expected with effective design work.