The Fanny Pack Is Back: Modern Uses for the Vintage Style Bag

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The Fanny Pack Is Back: Modern Uses for the Vintage Style Bag

1 May 2017
 Categories: Technology, Articles

Fanny packs used to be a laughable fashion accessory, usually worn by mothers and fathers while on family vacations. While the fanny pack has got some slack over the years, the convenient fashion bag is now more relevant then ever. When the bag was first invented, no one could have predicted how much useful it would have with modern technology. The next time you're planning a vacation, hike, or some type of day trip, consider bringing a fanny pack with you.

There are many modern uses for the pack, and each one involves new and modern technology. Learn about these uses and the ways that you can stay fully connected thanks to a fanny pack.

Travel Battery Packs

When you're on the go, one of the biggest pains is dealing with a dead battery. Whether you're rising a train, bus, subway, or in your car, a fanny pack can offer you quick access to extra power with a battery pack. Battery packs are extra power devices that your phone can connect into when the installed battery is low. Not only will your phone have power, but the battery will get charged at the same time. These battery packs are compatible with all types of popular cell phone devices including Samsung and iPhones.

When you are wearing a fanny pack, you have the ability to easily store one or more of these battery packs with you for your travels. It makes it a lot easier to access and you can still quickly reach your phone when they are plugged into these battery packs.

If you want a lot of power for bigger devices like tablets, then the larger battery packs can provide extra power or even be connected to multiple devices at once. It's easy to carry these larger devices around in a roomy holder like a fanny pack. When the fanny pack is attached at your waist, you are also least likely to forget it somewhere during your travels.

Larger Phone Screens

Cell phone technology has gone through a lot of changes. When smart phones were first introduced, the screens were small enough to easily slide into pant pockets. Now, screens are so big that's hard to easily slide a phone into your pocket unless you are wearing some type of cargo pants. This is where a fanny pack really comes in handy. Along with a battery pack and charger, a fanny pack has plenty of space to easily hold a phone with a larger screen.

IT can give your phone room to carry around without having to squeeze into your pockets and press against your body all day. When the phone is placed inside of a fanny pack, it also makes it a lot easier to hear ringtones and notifications because the fanny pack will be placed slightly higher than your pocket would be.

Phone Accessories

A fanny pack can also serve as your go to location for everything associated with your phone. Along with the actual phone and battery pack, the fanny pack can be used for extra accessories like a Bluetooth headset, USB transfer cables, or any type of stylus that you may use with the device. Instead of mixing all of these items into a purse or backpack, you can ensure that the items are all in one place and will not get lost with other things you may have packed. It's really nice to know that you have one central location used for just your cell phone items and can easily access them at any time. A fanny pack also has room to fit all of these items comfortably.

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