5 Useful Smart Home Upgrades Actually Worth Your Money

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5 Useful Smart Home Upgrades Actually Worth Your Money

1 May 2017
 Categories: Technology, Articles

Smart homes may sound like the wave of the future, but for most homeowners, the upgrades used in them are a little too pricey for a complete transformation. Choosing just the most useful and helpful gadgets can boost your productivity and help you get more enjoyment out of the time you spend at home without blowing your budget. Put these five types of devices high on your shopping list to create a smart home that actually works.

Complete Security Units

The advancement of online monitoring options and remote control software is rapidly changing the world of home security. Growing demand for DIY and on-demand monitoring services instead of the traditional 24/7 live monitoring plans with monthly fees has been noted by many top research firms tracking technology changes.

Installing the right device allows you to check for alerts regarding smoke, invisible threats like carbon monoxide, sensor alerts on doors and windows, motion detector alarms, and even video feeds from any smart phone or computer. Taking charge of your home security can save you money on monthly fees while still giving you the peace of mind that only a high resolution camera can provide.

Smart Thermostats

Saving money on electricity and heating bills is another major draw for the homeowner looking to make their home a little smarter, so it's no wonder that smart thermostats are some of the most widely used connected devices. Whether you prefer to control every setting of your home's climate control system or want one of the advanced models that learns your habits automatically, using this equipment correctly can save you money immediately while offering the same comfort you've come to expect.

However, don't expect an amazing reduction in your bills if you already use the recommended techniques for energy efficiency with your current furnace. Homeowners who keep forgetting to turn the heat or air conditioning down while they're at work will see the biggest benefits from smart thermostat, especially automatic ones.

Plug Adapters

Do you already have an appliance or device you wish you could control remotely? Purchase a smart plug adapter instead and cut the power to whatever is plugged in at the press of a button, then switch it back on again whenever you like. This is a great way to track the usage of a game system by a child who needs to study more or to figure out which appliances are inflating your electricity bill with vampire charging. Keep in mind that these adapters are all limited in how much power they can handle, so large appliances may not work with the devices just yet.

Cleaning Devices

Cleaning is one of the most time consuming chores you'll do away from the workplace, and no one wants to spend their limited leisure time sweeping the floors or lugging a heavy vacuum between levels. While cleaning robots like the Roomba were considered by some as a novelty when they first arrived on the market, today's models are sophisticated enough to drastically reduce the amount of work you do to keep your home clean.

Don't forget about self-cleaning appliances, from toilets to ovens, which are smart enough to tell when they're dirty and in need of cleaning. Some appliances even include apps to help you track the cleanliness of your kitchen or bathroom.

Car Communicators

Finally, don't forget about how your home extends to your car when you're traveling to and from work. Try a device that plugs into the error code scanner in your car, likely located under your radio or steering wheel column, and gives you hints on important issues like oil change intervals, waning battery life, and any codes reported by the onboard computer. Aside from these essentials, you can also pull off some handy tricks like checking your car's gas level so you can sleep in an extra ten minutes once you know you can skip a stop at the gas station.

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