5 Benefits of Trucking Software

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5 Benefits of Trucking Software

12 December 2016
 Categories: Technology, Articles

As you try to expand your trucking business, you may be on the fence about purchasing trucking software. Dispatch software designed specifically for small trucking businesses is actually a very important way to grow your business, increase profitability, and mitigate risk. Here are five of the main benefits of trucking software:

Trucking Software Saves You Time

It's highly unlikely that you chose trucking as a profession because you love paperwork and administrative tasks. In fact, tasks like managing payroll and manually sending and checking on invoices eat away at your time until you feel like you barely have time for driving, coaching your staff, or any of the other aspects of running your own trucking business that you actually enjoy.

Good trucking software will automate and streamline many of the less enjoyable tasks you now spend time on. This not only eliminates annoyances for you, but can also increase your revenue since it leaves you more time to drive and find new clients.

Trucking Software Eliminates Payroll and Invoice Discrepancies

Arguing with an employee about how many miles they drove and how much you owe them is demoralizing for everyone involved. Invoice discrepancies can make you look unprofessional and cost you serious money over time if it turns out you're under-charging your customers.

Trucking software eliminates all the guesswork from payroll and invoicing. You will know exactly what you owe your employees and how much your customers owe you, and everything will be clearly broken down by mileage, weight, and any other factors you choose to include. Your dispatches, expenses, and invoices will be completely accurate with minimal effort on your part.

Trucking Software Makes Your Business More Professional

With the trucking industry logging more than 400 billion miles annually, you have a lot of competition. The best way to stand out from the competition and impress your customers and prospective customers is to be as professional, easy to work with, and organized as possible.

If a company has to choose between hiring a trucking business with a fully automated and accurate invoicing and dispatch system or a company that does everything manually (which usually means slowly and inaccurately), who do you think they will choose? A small investment in trucking software can quickly pay off when you wow your prospective clients and make your competitors look less appealing.

Trucking Software is More Secure

High quality trucking software is much more secure than a manual or ad hoc document management system. Your financial, tax, customer, government compliance, drug and alcohol testing, and employee information will all be stored securely and will no longer be vulnerable to hacking or identity theft. Unlike paper documentation, your business information will also be completely safe in the event of a fire, flood, burglary, or other disaster.

Trucking Software Helps You Plan Ahead

With trucking software, you can get an accurate view of your profitability, expenses, and other useful business data at a glance or run detailed reports for a more thorough understanding. When you are armed with thorough and accurate business data you can more easily adjust your tactics and plan for the future.

Did you spend more money than anticipated on fuel costs or other business expenses last quarter? This knowledge will help you plan accordingly for next quarter so there won't be any unpleasant surprises. Plus, trucking software will keep your documentation up-to-date and prepared if you are audited by the IRS or DOT.

By purchasing trucking software and implementing its use in your trucking business, you will experience these benefits for yourself and soon have a more streamlined and organized trucking operation.