Do You Fear That Your Business Is a Target for Crime? Security and Phone System Updates to Consider

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Do You Fear That Your Business Is a Target for Crime? Security and Phone System Updates to Consider

25 July 2016
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Is your business lacking a great security system and a great phone system with an intercom? These things can improve your business in a variety of ways, and they can make it easier to communicate with people inside and outside of the building.

You never know when someone may target your business or when your business could be at risk of crime, so it's important to make sure you can communicate emergencies with employees easily and that you can notify the authorities when problems arise.

Security System

A security system that is up to date, that has the latest wireless features, and that reduces the chances of crime is imperative to keeping your property and employees safe. Hire a professional security company to do an evaluation of your property and to install a personalized system that is customized just for your business layout and needs. You may even want emergency panic buttons or cords around certain locations so that employees can notify authorities immediately.

Front-Door Security and Monitoring

Having a regular security system is great for the building, but also having a system that controls just the main entrance where people try to come in and out is ideal. You can have a door that is controlled by the secretary or by someone inside the business, or the door could always be locked. You can put a telecom system that goes through the phone line in for people to use when they get to the exterior of the building as well as a video camera so you can see who is coming in and going out.

Phone Systems

Your phone systems shouldn't just work for talking with others; the system should be able to be used as a central communication system that you can use in case of emergency. This communication system should have a telecom that you can use to reach all people in the building for teleconference calls and more. The phone systems should have voicemail boxes for all employees, call forwarding, and any other business-specific requirements necessary so that no one misses an important security memo. Talk to companies like Hi Country Wire And Telephone about what systems they have available. 

With a new security system for the property, a locked and monitored entrance that can't be easily accessed, and phone systems that allow you to alert people when there is a problem in the building, it's going to be easy to monitor what is going on in the property and to spread the word if there is an emergency.