5 Ways To Keep Your Business Lean And Agile By Choosing Third Party Maintenance For Your Oracle Sun Servers

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5 Ways To Keep Your Business Lean And Agile By Choosing Third Party Maintenance For Your Oracle Sun Servers

14 December 2015
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While the terms agile and lean refer to specific project management techniques in the business world, they are also larger concepts that are helpful for streamlining your company's processes no matter what methods you use. Agile and lean businesses spend less time and resources on solutions, and making a few changes in who manages what can have an immediate impact in your company's attempt to reach these goals. Find out how outsourcing the maintenance of your Oracle Sun systems can speed up your entire workflow throughout the business.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Most companies first consider making the switch to third-party maintenance because they're tired of paying the high fees demanded by the companies producing the software and servers. Depending on the configuration of your Sun system and the service provider you choose, your company can save between 25% and 50%. You can also negotiate your contract based on what services you actually need instead of getting locked into a standard package. By freeing up some extra money, you can invest in agile methodology training for your in-house employees.

Reduced Upgrades

Tired of losing efficiency to hours of downtime as the software manufacturer upgrades your equipment and installs brand new operating systems? If you're perfectly happy with your current OS and servers, this becomes just another waste of your company's valuable time. Third-party support teams are happy to focus on bug fixes and essential patches to minimize downtime, making your product development and release timeline far more lean due to the reduced number of interruptions. Patches and bug fixes take only a fraction of the time needed for a full OS change, and updating the OS would give you a whole new cycle of bugs and their fixes until the new system stabilizes again.

Combined Assistance

Have you cobbled together different types of servers and systems together to create a custom IT solution that meets your every need? If you stick with manufacturer support, you'll end up with three or four different support contracts and the subsequent fees that come along with them. Find the right third-party support provider and you make the maintenance process more agile by

  • Reducing communication delays, since one central team is managing every part of your IT system
  • Getting faster repairs and patches on every part of the system, which is crucial when you're getting close to a deadline and can't deal with a data center crash that lasts more than a few hours
  • Improving the interactions between disparate operating systems and server components, no matter how incompatible those parts are before being customized.

Better Handling of Outdated Material

Are you still using a version of the Oracle operating system that is no longer supported by the manufacturer? Instead of going without support or going through the hassle of changing your entire process just to work with a new OS, find a third-party maintenance team that doesn't try to force you into staying up to date.

Increased Customization Options

In addition to refusing support for outdated equipment and software, manufacturers like Oracle either charge exorbitant fees for customizing your system or refuse to offer maintenance support for it at all. Third-party teams can handle both the implementation and maintenance of custom changes from small tweaks to complete core code revisions. By choosing a support provider that does both implementation and management, you can get your IT systems improved at the drop of a hat for more agile responses to changes in your industry.

Don't get hung up on getting maintenance services from Oracle Sun just because they're the manufacturer of your software and servers. You can get better results by sticking with an Oracle Sun third-party support vendor, and those results will spread through the rest of your organization as you grow more lean and agile.