Three Reasons Your Business Needs Enterprise Resource Planning

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Three Reasons Your Business Needs Enterprise Resource Planning

21 June 2016
 Categories: Technology, Articles

When you're looking for a way to manage all of your company's operations and resources in one place, you should consider investing in an enterprise resource planning platform. These software platforms provide you with functionality to manage every aspect of your operation, including accounting, order fulfillment and customer management. This kind of comprehensive support and information consolidation can help businesses of all sizes. Here are several advantages of investing in enterprise resource planning software for your company.

Ease Of Communication

When you have a central destination for all of your company's operational information, it helps to simplify the communication both between departments and with the customers. For example, when every department can see the same records at the same time, it ensures that every department knows exactly what's going on with each aspect of the business. If your sales team is looking at the inventory, they can tell when there's a product that's backlogged or something that is drawing a lot of sales. This may allow your sales staff to focus their efforts in a way that capitalizes on this trend without having to wait to hear from Logistics about it.

This type of improved communication can also simplify your customer responses. You won't have to worry about connecting a customer with his or her specific sales rep to get information about a pending order or account change. When everyone has visibility to all of that information, your customer service team can answer questions quickly and easily. This may help to cultivate stronger, more lasting customer relationships.

Constant Tracking and Real-Time Updates

By having all of your customer management and operations information in one place and requiring everybody to utilize that platform for interactions, you'll have a single destination where you can track your entire business operation and workflow. If you have questions about any department, from production to delivery to payment processing, you can see the status immediately.

This reduces the chances of oversight in any aspect of the business because you can see in real-time what's been done and what hasn't. Also, with everyone working out of the same platform, it's much easier for each department head to predict their upcoming workflow by looking at the current activities in the section that feeds their work. For example, if the shipping and receiving department is trying to decide on staffing needs for an upcoming week, they can tell at a glance when the supply orders will be coming in or product shipments going out based on the platform's tracking information.

Versatility To Grow With Your Needs

One reason that many business owners delay investment in an enterprise resource management tool is because they believe that the platform is more than they need. This is actually a good reason to invest anyway, because it means that the platform can grow with your business. You'll have more modules to activate and install as needed, which may potentially save you from having to invest in a new platform later simply because you've outgrown the lesser-featured tool you opted for instead. You can even look for platforms that include capabilities for mobile access, cloud-based storage and even social integration so that you can engage your social followers and monitor that interaction in your system platform with ease.

With so many benefits to choosing a quality enterprise resource planning platform, it's no surprise that many business owners find it to be a worthwhile investment. If you're looking for a way to better manage your company's operations no matter what the size, this is a great way to do just that. Talk with a consultant today or check out a company like Practical Technology Solutions to see what kind of platform would be the most effective for your business.