Home Garage Businesses: 5 Hidden Cameras Ideal For Extra Protection

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Home Garage Businesses: 5 Hidden Cameras Ideal For Extra Protection

2 March 2016
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With a rise in online selling sites for crafts and other items, many people have transformed garage areas into miniature warehouses where goods are prepared, packed, and shipped out from. The inventory that you keep in your home can be very valuable and an integral part of your business. Along with the home security features that you may have, it's important to expand these features inside the garage. Hidden cameras offer great ways to capture footage of potential thieves. This could be someone breaking into your home or a person you've hired to help with the business. Browse through five different spy cameras that work great in garages and give you extra monitoring and protection.

Wall Clock

Get a great overview of your garage operation by installing a wall clock spy camera. The camera itself is typically located in the center of the clock and points slightly downward to capture the open area of your garage. A wide-angled lens installed in the clock can capture a majority of the garage when it is positioned correctly.

The wall clock is fully operational, allowing you to set the time and record footage inconspicuously. Plug adapters for the clock can help power the video camera and ensure that it records moments. Footage can be sent out through your connected security system or stored on an internal device like a micro-SD card. The small cards can hold hours of footage depending on the size and quality.

Smoke Alarms

Another ways to get a great overhead view is with a hidden smoke alarm. Not only is it great to have a working smoke alarm in the garage area, but these types of hidden cameras have multiple access features. For example, you can set the cameras to detect and record motion. This means that the camera will automatically record when the motion sensor goes off.

A number of smoke alarm hidden cameras have night vision capabilities. This means that you will be able to capture suspicious activity in the pitch black. With limited windows, garages can get pretty dark, so the night vision features will help through multiple points of the day.

Bird Feeders

Capture a great view from outside the garage with a bird feeder hidden camera. Using a Shepard's hook or large pole, the bird feeder can be mounted on your lawn and set to face the garage door opening. This is a great camera that can be used to capture people coming and going from the garage.

During workdays it may be common to leave the doors left wide open. Instead of leaving the large openings more vulnerable, the feeders are great ways to keep track of all movements.

Electrical Box

Garages are often not as finished as the homes they are attached to. This is why it may be common to see electrical boxes attached to the walls. Purchase a fake electrical box that doubles as a spy camera. Instead of fuses on the inside, the box contains all the technology needed to capture video and stream through your security system.

The boxes are larger, allowing for multiple cameras to be installed on a single box. This can help you capture multiple angles from the same location instead of setting up multiple areas for hidden camera feeds.

Desk Items

A garage desk or office space may be essential for printing receipts, tracking confidential customer information, or even storing money resources. Keep this area protected with small desk spy cameras. These cameras provide key angles of anyone that approaches or attempts to access desk items.

A variety of desk camera designs include desk clocks, working office calculators, or desk lamps. As long as the items can work on their own, the spy camera function can stay hidden and monitor all the necessary activity. Like other cameras, these ones can record on motion activation to avoid wasting recording space.

Work with security service companies to install the cameras, set the best angles, and implement them with your full home security service needs.